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Snowmobile Access to Phelix Creek Area (Brian Waddington Hut) #1968
Back To Discussion List Written: 2008.01.06 by: Robin Tivy

Currently, the area surrounding the Phelix creek area, where the Brian Waddington Hut is situated, is designated as a non-motorized zone from the sea-to-sky backcountry forum. However, there's been a developing issue with the local snowmobiling club from Pemberton. The new president of the club wants access to the area, which the previous president signed off on the final plan from the forum. He's now pushing hard to the local government to have access. Sandra Nicol, last year's VOC president and member of the forum, says that the government can change this at any point now and that we need to send asap letters to the appropriate government officials to keep the status quo.

All information can be viewed on the VOC's wiki section: Phelix Creek Issues

And here is the letter regarding Access to the hut: Letter Regarding Access


#989 - 2008.01.08 Scott Nelson - Every letter helps
This is an important issue, not just of Phelix Creek but for non-motorized zones everywhere. If the government caves to snowmobile pressure at Phelix, it will be open season on every single proposed non-motorized zone in the Sea to Sky region. It only takes a few minutes to write a short letter.