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Snowmobiles at Marriott Basin/Mt. Rohr #1869
Back To Discussion List Written: 2007.05.13 by: Jordan Peters

While on Cayoosh this past Saturday, we encountered SIX snowmobiles trying to get into Rohr/Marriott basin. They turned back before the alpine "because they had a girl" according to the fellow I spoke to. When I politely asked if Rohr and Marriot were not widely acknowledged as non-motorized, the guy said to me, "It's Crown land isn't it?"

Obviously the area is not that attractive for sleds due to the tight trees that impede access, but one has to wonder if someone really needs a sled when it takes about an hour to get to the alpine on foot. So pretty much the entire Duffey is now fair game for sleds I am guessing? What has happened?


#850 - 2007.05.15 Steve Grant
I can think of half a dozen places in the Squamish/Lillooet corridor where the snowmobilers have cut routes through trees to reach the alpine from the roads. At Slim Creek, they also brought in an excavator to level a path across a rockslide. Even though it was illegal, and we saw them doing it, we were unable to get anyone nailed for it.

Over the years, we have either seen snowmobilers, or seen old tracks from them on the Garibaldi Neve. Happily, this last weekend we saw no trace of tracks. Since I doubt their personality problems have cleared up, perhaps the advent of cell phones is reining them in a bit.

#849 - 2007.05.15 Scott Nelson
Technically, I believe the sharing forum recomendations apply to the Squamish Forest District only, and Marriot Basin is in the Lillooet District. I think the forum did in fact suggest that some areas of the Duffey should be zoned as non-motorized, but it's technically outside their scope. The upcoming Sea to Sky (Squamish Forest District) LRMP mostly implements the reccomendation of the forum, but it hasn't been passed into law yet. When it does pass, I don't know if the forum recomendations immediately become enforcable or if section 58 closures have to be pursued first.

#848 - 2007.05.14 Todd Ponzini
I believe that a backcountry sharing agreement has been worked out between skiiers, snowmobilers and heliskiers (done through the FMCBC). There was a plan to post signs at trail and road heads, but I'm not sure if this has happened. As I understand it, sledders who are closely associated with a snowmobile club are pretty good at staying out of areas designated as non-mechanized. However, the problem (as I understand it) lies with people from out of province, or those who just don't care.

A sad state of affairs, to be sure. Although an approach through the forest is a good bet to avoid them, sometimes they can find a way around - for example, I've seen them on Snass Mountain (must have come up from Princeton somehow?)

#847 - 2007.05.14 Jordan Peters
From Cayoosh, it looked as if they only made it partway into the forest before turning back, thankfully.

#846 - 2007.05.14 Mitch Sulkers
This is why we haven't taken care of all the deadfall on the winter route. So far, there hasn't been a sled to the hut, but folks give it a try a few times a year.

Just curious. How far did the sleds get up?