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Mount Outram Summit Register - Who Archives It? #1567
Back To Discussion List Written: 2006.07.13 by: Andrew Wong

Who is responsible for maintaining the Mt Outram register? I removed the contents of the summit register today and want to hand it over for proper archiving. The register paper had absorbed water over the past few years and is extremely fragile. It falls apart even with delicate handling and several entries have been lost. I left a new small notepad--one of those field notepads that use water resistant paper--in the register. It should hold entries for maybe a year or two. (If you go up this year, consider bringing a small notepad to add to the register. MEC or Deakins in Vancouver sells the notepads.)


#750 - 2006.08.25 Andrew Wong - Register Delivered, Need Another!
The ACC (Vancouver Section) is now looking after the tattered Outram register. Meanwhile, Paul Kubik reports that the notepad I left in the tube is half-full already! Also, the ziplock bag I put the notepad into is gone. If you're going up soon, please consider bringing: a few stubby pencils, some medium or large size ziplock bags, and more paper.

#735 - 2006.08.03 Andrew Wong - Thanks!
Thanks for everyone's suggestions. I have sent emails to both the BCMC & the ACC (Vancouver Section). Have yet to hear back from either, but the register is sitting safely in a plastic bag in my closet.

#733 - 2006.07.29 Rich Gebert - Registers
My understanding is the ACC carefully collects old registers and will supply new ones for people climbing these summits. Check with them.

#732 - 2006.07.28 Peter Rothermel - Summit Registers
On Vancouver Island, Judith Holm, takes care of the ACC Island Secion archives and has a growing selection of summit registers.

I have personally put up or replaced over thirty five register tubes & books on the Island. My tubes are made of four inch white pvc pipe, with the opening cap painted red. Grooves on the cylinder sides allow air to be displaced, when pushing or pulling the cap off. I put a small waterproof paper book and pencils inside. As well, I add plastic coated info on ptarmigan & marmot research.

Regarding old registers, my rule of thumb is to leave existing material, unless it's damaged. If water soaked, keep it wet, packed in a zip lock bag, until you can get it home and properly dry out each page, between absorbant material.

There has been some talk of having an alpine museum in Whistler, where a proper climate controled archive could be maintained.

Anybody having old summit registers should contact their nearest section of the Alpine Club of Canada, in order to record the history.

 Peter Rothermel

#725 - 2006.07.14 Glenn Woodsworth - BCMC is the best bet
Try the BCMC. They have an excellent archives that has been used for many research projects. Some of the early ascents of Outram were by Fred Perry and other BCMC/NHS people, so again it would be an appropriate spot.