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Mtn Bike access to Upper Gun Creek, Upper Slim Creek #1543
Back To Discussion List Written: 2006.06.21 by: Rick Barichello

Does anyone know how far up Slim Creek and Gun Creek one can reasonably ride mtn bikes? I have seen the trail/route system as displayed in the Southern Chilcotin Mountain Trail Map but I don't know how far up these trails one can ride, along either creek.


#736 - 2006.08.04 David Campbell - Bella Coola?
A few years back Mike Peel and Greg Stoltmann rode there bikes right across the Chilcotins. I don't know if this is "reasonable", but there is an article on Bivouac which might give an idea of the difficulties.

#734 - 2006.07.30 Tim O'Hearn - Mtn Biking on Gun Ck Trail & Slim Ck Trail
On Gun Ck Trail you could mtn bike for about 5km W of the junction with the Warner Pass Trail. Around this point the trail reduces to secondary trail as it becomes more overgrown and less beaten. Not very suitable for biking past here.

Note: Where the secondary trail nears Gun Ck (and changes to mountaineering route) it actually crosses the creek to its S side and continues for a ways before recrossing back to N side - but it degrades to route long before nearing treeline. We missed GPSing this section on the S side and stayed on N side of Gun Ck where a faint old overgrown 'trail' exists but it's more of a bushwack than anything.

Slim Ck Trail is not suitable for mtn biking as advised by the others.

So I would say the idea of a Gun Ck - Slim Ck mtn bike traverse is a no-go even for the most masochistic of riders.

Hope this helps.

Trail Ventures BC, Makers of the Southern Chilcotin Mtns Trail Map - GPS Based

#717 - 2006.06.26 Mitch Sulkers - Check with recent users
I'd suggest that one check with recent users on the trail conditions. I was up there two weeks ago and we had a torrential event. Eldorado Creek was a debris flow over 25m wide in places. Some of the trails may be somewhat damaged after such an event.

The Upper Slim is not mountain bike territory at all, as the swampy nature of the terrain would make for nasty riding.

#716 - 2006.06.23 Matt Gunn - trail conditions
The gun creek trail is good up to warner lake (people bike down if from the lake regularly). if you go up gun creek past the turn off to warner lake the trail is in much worse condition. I would say that it would not be a good ride (it's not really that good for hiking). the trail is hard to follow at times and has lots of deadfall.

the slim creek trail is ok for hiking, but I don't think it would be a good bike trail. there are lots of marshy sections where the trail is very wet and the trail fades into nothing quite a ways before reaching alpine. there is no trail through the alpine that connects gun creek and slim creek, it's all hiking over heather. I'd say that it wouldn't be nice on a bike (quite bumpy).

#715 - 2006.06.22 Rick Barichello
Thanks for the tip. However, the Mountain Bike Adventures in SW BC (Maurer/Vrba) has no information on the Slim Crk valley, nor anything on the upper Gun Crk trails. It only describes that part of the Gun Crk trail from the Jewel Crk bridge to Spruce Lake, with map reference beyond to Warner Lake. I am wondering about that part of the Gun Creek valley south of Trigger Lake to its headwaters, toward Wolverine Pass for example, and that is what I was meaning by the upper Gun Crk valley.

#713 - 2006.06.22 Shelley Wales - great book
I beleive there is a good description of the trails in Mountain Bike Adventures in South Western BC