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Best ski route to Mountain Lake Cabin #1396
Back To Discussion List Written: 2005.11.09 by: Scott Nelson

Planning to pay a visit to the Mountain Lake Cabin this weekend. Can anyone suggest the best approach route on skis from Furry Creek? Is the wind lake trail negotiable and safe in the winter?

Thanks, Scott


#567 - 2005.11.12 Paul Kubik - Wind Lake trail
Scott, this message is a bit late for your ski trip. For future info for others, the Wind Lake trail (more of a hacked route really) would be difficult to follow on skis as it is just a ribboned route without clearing. It leaves the deactivated road off one of the higher switchbacks. For winter access I think keeping to the ridge crest as Drew suggests is the best option.

#566 - 2005.11.10 Drew Brayshaw - Ridge Top Notches
I seem to recall there are a couple of notches along the ridge, which is why you descend the snow - to avoid them.

#565 - 2005.11.10 Steve Grant - Comment
We took a bunch of children in there in early summer. I don't recall anything requiring ice tools.... There were several sets of ski tracks of varying ages melting out of the snow along this route. The only problem might be crossing the plateau in poor visibility with no cairns visible. It looked like a pretty safe route to me except in high avalanche conditions. We didn't cross any lakes since that would have involved swimming.

#564 - 2005.11.10 Scott Nelson - Along the ridge top?
Does the route go along the top of the ridge up to that point? Could we continue along the ridge and drop down to wind lake further along the ridge?

#563 - 2005.11.09 Drew Brayshaw - dropping down from ridge to wind lake
Aside from the section dropping down from the ridge to traverse over to Wind Lake, everything should be easy and safe. The descent down the gully where you drop off the ridge is about 35-40 degrees and might have a cornice (ice axe but not crampons used in summer)