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Technical climbing on Cassiope Mtn? #1314
Back To Discussion List Written: 2005.06.28 by: Chris Kiely

I looked here but couldn't find any trip reports on approaching the summit of Cassiope from the North Joffre FSR. I want to try this sometime soon, and a friend has heard that there is a short stretch of something technical. Can anyone verify or deny this? We are looking for something technical but not too technical, ie no more than perhaps 5.6 to low 5.8? Thanks for any advice (or suggestions of alternate climbing close to the same area.)


#523 - 2005.06.29 Chris Kiely - Thanks
So it is only a rumour. That's what I suspected while previewing the map. The person my friend heard it from must have been off route. Thanks again.

#522 - 2005.06.29 Sandra McGuinness - Check Baldwin's book
The N ridge from N Joffre Creek FSR is described in "Exploring the Coast Mountains on Skis".

#521 - 2005.06.29 Drew Brayshaw - Not that technical
I think you'd have to be offroute or on the wrong mountain to try and find 5.8 climbing. You should be able to get by at 4th class.