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Mt. Tatlow northwest ridge - request for info #1277
Back To Discussion List Written: 2005.04.22 by: Glenn Woodsworth

Does anybody know anything about the NW ridge on Mt. Tatlow? It looks as if that's the least bushy way of approaching the mountain. And does anyone know if auto break-ins are still a problem in that area? Thanks... Glenn


#482 - 2005.04.23 Glenn Woodsworth - Thanks, Don
This helps. Given how conspicuous this peak is and how easy access is, I'm surprised it isn't climbed more often.

#481 - 2005.04.22 Don Funk - NW Ridge of Tatlow
I was up there in April of 2002 and climbed the east ridge. It looks like the NW ridge could be a good climb, but may be a bit stiff? You could access the area from the northwest side and make your way around to the east side if you desire. There are several minor valleys to cross enroute. The greatest difficulty I had was in staying on the trail, I totally lost it and managed to find a reasonable route through the trees. The trees here are small and closely spaced making forest travel a potential nightmare. Once up on the plateau, it is very open (very few trees generally).

Also, if you plan to do this as a ski trip (ie for access), do it in a big snow year and no later than March. I was here on the 3rd weekend of April and in a fairly big snow year on the coast. I was dreaming of skiing the wonderful powder on the north slopes of the mountain, only to find these ridges and slopes (at about 6 and 7 thousand feet) totally bare. This area is on the lee side of a big mountain which is on the lee side of the coastal divide!