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Maybe Re-Name "North American Mountaineering Encyclopedia?" #1274
Back To Discussion List Written: 2005.04.12 by: Lyle Knight

I had an earlier rant about the site losing it's Canadian-ness to broader North American content, but I'm over it now. It's a useful and interesting resource and much appreciated, keep up the good work!



#478 - 2005.04.17 Don Funk - Direction the site is heading should determine what happens
If Robin plans on expanding to cover mountains of the US and Mexico, then I believe North American would be a more appropriate descriptor of this site. I realize that "currently", primary coverage is of Canadian Mountains, and perhaps awareness of this could be made on the front page. An outsider, who comes across this site for the first time, and sees the name Canadian Mountain Encyclopedia, would think that this is a resource for Canadian mountains, and nothing else. I feel the name should represent what this site represents, and although, there is not alot of coverage south of the border, yet, there never will be much if this is not clarified.

I agree Drew that the strength of Bivouac is in its completeness for Canadian mountains, with a slight clarification: the "current" strength of Bivouac is in its completeness for Canadian mountains. And yes that coverage of Canadian mountains should and very well could continue, even with expansion to other areas.

Personally, I don't see this expansion as competion with other sites. Rather, I see it as a better, more organized alternative, available to mountaineers from other parts of the world. This site is very well organized, with trip waypoints and java maps, etc..., giving the user a more uniform and thorough coverage. It may take time to get other areas on board, but should catch on eventually. And if regional divisions are put in, then you will only see trip reports from Canada (for example) if that's what you want. In fact, Robin could set it up so that a user would be able to custom tailor what he sees, and this would be done automatically. For example, if you only wanted to see what's new from Canadian locations, one could select this, and this is what you would see when you clicked on what's new. All the US and Mexican trip reports would appear transparent to you, and you would not see them, unless you chose to.

#477 - 2005.04.17 Drew Brayshaw - Strengths and Weaknesses
The strength of Bivouac is its completeness for Canadian mountains. It seems like it would be really hard for Bivouac to approach the completeness and detail that some American websites have for American peaks; likewise it would be difficult for these sites to duplicate the level of detail Bivouac maintains for Canadian peaks. Therefore, rather than competing each site should focus on enhancing the areas they are strongest on... I think Bivouac should focus on improving its coverage of the Arctic and NWT mountains rather than delve into increasing detail on the USA or Mexico. That said, I don't mind that some of these areas are represented, but I'd hate to see a day where trip reports and photos from Mexico or the USA came to dominate the website.

#476 - 2005.04.17 Vida Morkunas - Keep Canada in the name...
...but set up regional distinctions. Most of the Bivouac membership is Canadian - but we also tend to travel. I welcome the occasional pictures of Mexican peaks, and reports of adventures on American soil. I would want to eventually see these listed under separate headings. I plan to spend time in the Cascades this summer over several weekends, and will add data points to the Bivouac database.

#475 - 2005.04.13 Don Funk - Regional divisions?
It may be desirable to set up regional divisions in order to keep the focus Glenn. For example, the What's New could have a choice of area selections (ie Canada, or Sierra Nevada's, Colorado Rockies, etc...) This way focus for specific areas is maintained, while the entire data base is still an integral unit. But I don't know if Robin wants to go in this direction?

#474 - 2005.04.13 Glenn Woodsworth - Keep a Canadian focus
I'd like to see the site continue with a strongly Canadian focus. Canada has so very climbers compared with, say, California, not to mention the other states. If the site were to become broadly North American, then I think the Canadian content could be swamped in a vast sea of data for the Sierras, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, etc. Check out rec.climbing on Usenet to see how very, very little Canadian content there is relative to the lower 48.

Of course, Robin may feel that he has to broaden the base to cover the costs. I have no problem with that, but he may lose some Canadian members in the process.

#472 - 2005.04.12 Don Funk - I agree
I've had the same thoughts, that North American Encyclopedia would be a more appropriate descriptor of this site, given that this is the direction it is expanding into. Most of the current content is Canadian, but if this site is looking to have Americans and Mexicans come on board, then I think the name North American would be essential.