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Alpine options for the Shuswap area? #1264
Back To Discussion List Written: 2005.03.27 by: Greg Jones

Recently while visiting my wife's parents in the Adams Lake area, my wife and I looked into some options for ski touring, rock climbing, or even a decent hike to get some fitness in. What I found was not too encouraging. The local gear shop in Salmon Arm were all out of the Shuswap Mountaineering Clubs new "guide" to their local crag, and no one at the store could tell me where it was (a further email to inquire on the guide went unanswered).

The local hiking book prefixes all their hikes at the end with "...but it's easier just to drive to the top" or "a snowmobile makes a great winter visit".

The one area that has potential is around Pukeashun Mountain (7549'), but the Scotch Creek FSR is only plowed to the Adams Lake Main fork, which is still about 11km from the Kwikwoit FSR (where Pukeashun is approached from). We ended up bushwhacking up the 5000'+ mountains surrounding Adams Lake and ended up at logging spurs and finding more than a few ticks stuck to our bodies.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


#480 - 2005.04.21 Greg Jones - Thanks Matt!
It sounds like you followed the Scotch Creek FSR to the Kwikwoit FSR (spur). Like I say, I will get some data for the area and enter it into the site. Drew was kind enough to get me in contact with one of the authors of the Salmon Arm Rock guide. Thanks again everybody!

#479 - 2005.04.20 Matt Lucas - Shuswap Alpine Areas
Greetings from the far east.

I have been up into the Alpine areas quite a few times from my parents cabin in Magna Bay.

For Pukashun Mountain I drove up the forest service road to the Southwest of the Scotch creek bridge. I followed the backroads mapbook to a rough trail. There is more detail on my photo essay for the roads. But no idea about names.

For the Crowfoot area unless you want to be hiking with dozens of snowmobiles I wouldn't go in there until the snow melts. Follow the Snowmobile signs for Crowfoot Mountain found in Magna Bay. Near the alpine a Trans Canada Highway Sign has or was bolted to a tree. A very rough road leads into the alpine where you can walk in the beautiful alpine meadows.

#447 - 2005.03.28 Drew Brayshaw - Shuswap Rock
I happen to be friends with one of the authors, and have a copy of this rare guidebook. Send me an email and I will forward your query onto the author.

#446 - 2005.03.28 Greg Jones - Good stuff!
Thanks Don! I noticed this trail in the (very thin) "Shuswap Pathways-Trail Guide". The directions in the book are referring to specific snowmobile directions (I am assuming this is the authors way of saying the roads are not plowed in winter) but it might be a nice area to visit in summer. I think my best bet is to head a little farther east than I have been. I see there is a trail to Mount Fowler (6791' above St. Ives), but the access roads appear to be washed out according to the Backroad Mapbook for the area. If anything I will go and GPS the roads on the Shuswap-Adams Divide, as none appear on the Bivouac site at present time. Any other ideas? Shuswap Crags? Great ski descents?

#445 - 2005.03.28 Don Funk - Check out access to Crowfoot Mountain
There is an interesting alpine mountain above the small community of Magna Bay on the north shore of Shuswap Lake known locally as Crowfoot. I lived along the north shore of the lake during my youth, and always recall seeing early snow and hearing about the beautiful alpine meadows on Crowfoot's slopes, even though I never had the chance to make a visit there. It can be accessed via a logging road in the Magna Bay area and I believe it heads up Ross Creek. It may give access to Mt Mobley as well.

There is another logging road which heads up Scotch Creek, beginning from the small community of Scotch Creek. I don't know anything about the condition of these roads, but it may be possible to drive to the head of Seymour Arm (alternate route to the regular road access) and this road may give access to Pukeashun Mountain, which is listed as being 7556 ft high on my VFR navigational map, and is the highest point in the boundary formed by Shuswap Lake, Adams Lake, and Humamilt Lake. It may be possible to approach Pukeashun Mtn from the small community of Seymour Arm, located at the head of Seymour Arm. The mountain is only about 15-20 kms from the junction of the Scotch Creek FSR and the main road to Seymour Arm (eastern junction, ie. in the Seymour Arm area), and about 10 kms of this is along the logging road.