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Completed field and What's New #1253
Back To Discussion List Written: 2005.02.15 by: Scott Nelson

I recently finished a TR that I have been working on, and keeping hidden by setting completed=no. However, when I finished the TR, and set completed=yes, it did not appear in the what's new page. I guess what's new is using the original date of creation, not the date when I changed completed=no to completed=yes. Is there an easy fix for this? The TR is Mt. Taillefer Loop from the Brian Waddington Cabin



#429 - 2005.02.17 David Wasserman - The point of Complete=no
The point of setting complete=no is so that nobody will have the disappointment of opening your report from the What's New page (or elsewhere) and finding it's not ready yet. Or worse, reading the incomplete version and thinking that's all there is.

I strongly recommend using a text editor or word processor to write your trip reports. If you use word-processing software, you get all the advantages of spell-check and easier use of cut-and-paste, as well as the doubtful aid of a grammar checker. Most word processing programs allow the option of saving the document as plain text, which you can then cut and paste. Usually cutting and pasting direct from the word processed document into the trip report form will also work well.

If you prepare your reports off-line, you will have your own electronic version, which you can send to your club newsletter editor, your friends, your relatives, your own web site, or what-have-you.

But still, you raise a good point. The insertion date should be the date on which complete=no is changed to complete=yes. Perhaps Robin will be able to make this update.

If people abuse it by flipping Complete back and forth to stay on the What's New page, he'll have to change it back.

#428 - 2005.02.15 Scott Nelson - Report Reinserted
Thanks for the tip Don. Still, I shouldn't have to do this. Otherwise, what's the point of setting complete=no?

#427 - 2005.02.15 Don Funk - Re-insert the report.
You could re-insert this report (using copy and paste) and thus would not have to retype it. Alternatively, when writing a report, you could use notepad or wordpad, etc... for the main body of the report, and then again use copy and paste. I agree, Robin really should fix this problem.

#426 - 2005.02.15 Justin Brown - System Flaw
I've had this problem in the past as well. As it stands, you have to contact Robin at Bivouac and he will enable your report manually. It should be set up so that the report is shown from the date in which you click "yes" for a completed trip report. I have voiced my concerns for this but I guess the problem still hasn't been rectified. Robin, this should be fixed soon. Most people don't have the time to write a quality trip report in one sitting.