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New Brew Hut access: Invitation for comments #1252
Back To Discussion List Written: 2005.02.10 by: Scott Nelson

The VOC is planning on replacing the Brew Hut with a new structure this summer. Part of the project is to establish a marked, safe winter access route to the hut. Last weekend, a route was flagged, starting from branch R200 of roe creek FSR. The route has very little steep terrain, and no exposure to avalanche slopes and would be suitable for inexperienced groups. I'd like to invite everyone here to comment on the direction of the project, either here or on the VOC's wiki page for the New Brew Trail

Some of the issues we are facing are: should the new trail be for winter use only? What should be done about access trails from brandywine FSR and from the railway tracks? etc, etc.

Any comments, ideas or suggestions are appreciated.

-Scott Nelson