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Photo sharing site #1249
Back To Discussion List Written: 2005.02.05 by: Don Funk

I have recently discovered a photo sharing site which I find absolutely fantastic for not only displaying my mountain photos to others, but discovering all the other great photos taken by photographers from areas all around the world. This site known as flickr ( came to my awareness thanks to a tip from a fellow bivouac member. This had me thinking that its too bad bivouac didn't have a similar section perhaps, where one could post photos and arrange them into slideshows. Kind of a way of displaying the scenic perspective of the mountains (and with commentary) without all the technical routefinding jargon. This would be similar to viewing a slideshow at your local club. I realize that the primary purpose of this site is to provide information about mountains with regards to routes and their history, but judging by the popularity of photo essays, I think that there may be a place for this here. It also seems that some people post photo essays without much pertinent info anyway, and having a separate section for photos with commentary would be more appropriate.

All I know is that flickr is extremely popular with "thousands and thousands" of members from all around the world and growing everyday. One must realize as well, that some members of flickr are using the site as cheap advertising to showcase their professional work. And the site contains photos about any subject, not just limited to mountains or the people that climb them. I think that anything, of interest to people who appreciate the mountains, that could be added to this site to make it more popular, would be a positive, providing it doesn't deviate too far from its objective.

Also, at flickr, you can upload file sizes up to 5 mb and if you have the pro account (yearly paid membership), you are allowed to upload up to 1 Gb per month! If someone is using a modem, they can choose a smaller file size. You may want to check it out. Basic (free) membership is required. My handle is "Alpine Climber". Comments.....


#425 - 2005.02.06 Shelley Wales - WOW!
That site is very cool... can totally see myself blowing a whole work day, jumping between that site and bivouac. Guess its a good thing I work for myslef :-)

Thanks for mentioning it!

#424 - 2005.02.05 Vida Morkunas - a beautiful resource
I like Flickr for a number of reasons. Non-members cannot right-click-download pictures, and members have five different options for licensing their images for view. Annotation of pictures is also possible by the photographer's designated contacts.

I appreciate the tagging system that is prevalent throughout Flickr - users describe their photos using title, description and a taxonomy of tags. Using tags allow a visitor to see all photos taken by the photographer using one descriptive tag; and the same tag can also be used by the visitor to see ALL pictures on Flickr that use that one tag. With over 280,000 members, most of them free-trialers, some tags can return thousands of pictures.

Each photographer can also control who leaves comments on pictures (only friends/family, or contacts, or everyone). Moreover, pictures may be organized into private or public groups (Don / Alpine Climber created a beautiful group called Alpine Lakes and Meadows).

Caution - the site can rapidly become addictive. However, it's a convenient and safe place to store all the other trip pictures - that are not already posted on Bivouac. My handle there is seawallrunner.