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New Resort Proposed For Coquihalla Summit area #1245
Back To Discussion List Written: 2005.01.28 by: Drew Brayshaw

Judging from the map this looks like most of the valleys north of Zoa and east of Alpaca, including Juliet, Romeo and July Mountain, and perhaps even encroaching on Zoa Peak.

It is possible to make comments on this application to L&WBC directly from the linked site.


#890 - 2007.06.26 Scott Nelson - Latest submission includes a lift up Zoa Peak
The latest revision of this resrot proposal includes a lift up the north side of Zoa Peak, a popular beginner and high hazard backcountry skiing destination.

EAO Project Homepage

May 2007 revision of proposal

#416 - 2005.01.29 Justin Brown - Should be Protected
They should be proposing a park, not a resort. Anyone who's had a look at this area up close or from a distance knows that it's geographically unique and should be preserved rather than ambushed by high rolling resort developers with dollar signs in their eyes. I love skiing, but I hope it doesn't happen. I suggest those opposed to this should definitely visit the site under Drew's description. Your comments will be considered as part of the public record.

#415 - 2005.01.28 Steve Sproule - Against it
I personally oppose this proposal. I have only been exploring the Coquihalla summit area within the last few years, after driving right through it for so many. I find the area to be quite impressive, with a lot of opportunites for recreation. However, I do not like the thought of a full-on ski hill/resort area, with a golf course(?). Enough people visit the area add an actual resort would likely only add large numbers to the area. It seems to be quite a ways from any somewhat major inhabited area. Part of the reason I go there, just like most people who venture to the backcountry, is to get away from the crowds, to experience being "out there". Even if it isn't really "out there", it's still a great time as far as I'm concerned. I can only imagine the impact on the area if this were to happen. The last time I visited the area was just a few weeks ago, right before the monsoons started, and there were quite a few people in the Zoa area. Perhaps the powers that be would start to try to regulate access to these areas that we currently enjoy. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy ski hill riding, but some areas need to be left alone. Perhaps I'm being paranoid....

#414 - 2005.01.28 Chris Begley - Kamloops paper article
I read an article about this - they seem to be focussed on the Juliet Creek area. July Mountain I guess They state that more info will be forthcoming when they are granted sole proponent status. Has this happened then? Golf course, ski hill, the whole standard identa-kit resort proposal.

Seems a long way from anywhere for a golf course...