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Subpeaks are now full blown mountain records #1240
Back To Discussion List Written: 2005.01.14 by: Sandra McGuinness

Maybe I'm confused but this thing seems to have gone full circle. Initially "subpeaks" (particularly named ones) were full blown mountains, then prominence arrived and they all had to be demoted to subpeaks, now subpeaks are mountains again. I see a whole slew of "subpeaks" in the Kootenays that now need fixing again. Remind me why this whole thing started in the first place?


#410 - 2005.01.18 Mitch Sulkers - Looking Good!
For the first time in over a year, I used a Java Map again. I stopped using them when the home ranges disappeared, as it really wasn't helping me figure out the lay of the land. Now that subpeaks are back in vogue, I have a representation of the area where I spend most of my winter that recognizes each of those lovely peaks. Thanks and HURRAH!

#409 - 2005.01.17 Drew Brayshaw - yeah really
I'm glad that the subpeaks are back to full mountain status and I hope that the people who deleted a bunch of mountains and reinserted them as subpeaks will go back in and re-enter all the information they deleted when they made the demotion under the previous system. What a waste of time.