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Singing Pass conditions generally #1232
Back To Discussion List Written: 2005.01.04 by: Lee Lau

Was out on January 2, 2005; Sunday. Second day of an inversion so about -5 in alpine and -10 in valley in mid-day. Clear and cold throughout with no new snow for past few days.

Skied over Flute and to Oboe Basin and then up Cowboy Ridge. Skiable lines on Cowboy Ridge. Flute backside was getting tracked. So was Oboe backside. There are still lines on Oboe itself that day.

A friend who went out the other day dug a pit and found an ice layer 60cms down. They also found the early November ice layer which was very thick. Couldn't penetrate the ice layer even with a shovel. I believe they dug the pit of Flute's backside on a south-east aspect but I'll check with them.

Some windblow on top of ridgelines on Cowboy Ridge; minimal windblow on Oboe or Flute. However, no significant wind deposits on lee slopes.

Looks like an oldish (1 week?) avvy on the middle slope of Cowboy Ridge starting off a convex roll. Ski-cutting the slope produced no reaction or slabs so all looked stable.

Flute Shoulder, Lesser Flute, Pigs Fancy etc are all tracked out. Evidently there are lots of people willing to boot pack. Some slab and windblow on that slope.

We didn't go out on the Singing Pass trail. I heard from others that coverage was very poor and it should be left till later.