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Macintosh OS X and JavaMap/ZoomMap #1211
Back To Discussion List Written: 2004.11.17 by: Paul Kubik

Mac users provided feedback to me earlier that they couldn't run either of the Java-enabled programs on Bivouac. These are the JavaMap and ZoomMap. I'm glad to report that Andrew Wong has tested both programs on the new Mac OS 10.3 (OS X) operating system and they work.


#1649 - 2013.01.27 Andrew Wong - Manually turn on Java in OS X browsers to use Java Map and Zoom Map
If you use OS X and want to use Bivouac's Java Map and Zoom Map, you must (a) download the latest secure version of Java from Oracle, and (b) manually turn on Java in your browser. This is needed because Apple disabled Java on all OS X browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera) in the 2012-003 Java update. This was done to address security concerns with Java (the concerns do not apply to JavaScript). This new default setting means that Java Map and Zoom Map in Bivouac won't work unless you manually re-activate Java in your browser's settings.

Apple recommends that Java should be turned off for all surfing, so you should turn off Java when not using Bivouac's Java Map or Zoom Map.

#1529 - 2011.04.15 Andrew Wong - Browser configurations updated
I updated the browser configurations for Mac OS X on the Java Configuration page ( Tested the latest versions of OS X, Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. All browsers good but Chrome still doesn't show lat/long in JavaMap and PhotoMap.

#1376 - 2010.01.13 Andrew Wong - Firefox status updated to OK.
Thanks for confirming Scott. I'll update the configuration table and contact Peter to try and get his computer working.

#1375 - 2010.01.13 Scott Nelson - OS X 10.6.2 and Firefox 3.5.7 works for me
I'm using OS X 10.6.2 and Firefox 3.5.7 and both Javamap and Zoommap work correctly for me. The hardware is an Intel Core 2 Duo White iMac.

#1374 - 2010.01.11 Andrew Wong - Firefox 3.5.7 and Mac OS X 10.6.2 incompatible for Java apps
Java apps don't work with the current version of Firefox and OS X 10.6.2. You'll get error messages if you try to use Javamap or Zoommap. Hopefully Firefox 3.6 will fix this bug. I updated the list of tested configurations with this info. (Thanks to Peter Rowat for reporting this problem.)

#1372 - 2009.12.05 Andrew Wong - Verified with latest Java (1.6.0_17)
Bivouac's Java functions have been tested using Apple's latest Java release (Jave SE 6 v1.6.0_17) on three different browsers. No problems found. See CfgLister.asp?rq=ProcessForm&SrchTerm=&SortOrder=OS for a list of tested configurations.

#979 - 2007.11.16 Andrew Wong - Mac OS X 10.4.11 and Safari Test Results
Verified the following Bivouac features or services work with OS X 10.4.11 and Safari 3.0.4:


BC Topo

Google Map




I can't run Leopard (OS X 10.5) so if anyone is using a newer machine than me (400MHz G4 Powerbook), please add your results. Also please post results if you use other browsers (IE, Firefox, Mozilla).

#793 - 2006.12.11 Shelley Wales - Satellite Photo feature
Satelite Photo Feature does not work with FireFox, IE, or Safari on OS X either. Editors Note: This posting is talking about a different feature. (The NASA satelite photo feature has stopped working, so I've hidden the link.)

#792 - 2006.12.09 Andrew Wong - Bivouac Updates and OS X
Verified that OS X 10.4.8 with Safari browser vers. 2.0.4 (419.3) works with the latest version of JavaMap, ZoomMap, BC Topo, and Radius Search. The Satellite Photo feature doesn't work (I get a blue boxed question mark). Didn't try with the other browsers (Firefox, Opera, IE, iCab, Netscape).

#371 - 2004.11.19 Shelley Wales - Netscape
Netscape in combination with OS 10 dosen't even allow you to log in but it works great with OS 9.

#370 - 2004.11.18 Andrew Wong - Additional Info and Other Mac Browsers
I am using the base 10.3 install and pulled in a Java compiler update from Apple. The JavaMap works fine with the following browsers: Apple Safari, Microsoft IE, Mozilla Firefox. The ZoomMap only works with Apple Safari. The ZoomMap seems to freeze on IE and Firefox. Did not attempt to try any other browsers. Basic recommendation is to stick with Apple Safari when visiting