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Looking for Hiking Clubs in Italy #1195
Back To Discussion List Written: 2004.10.21 by: Andrew Wong

I have a friend who's going to Italy in early November for a few weeks. She plans to do some hiking in the Dolomite mountains and is looking for any clubs she can contact for hiking information and/or hiking buddies. I have some information from Google searches but was wondering if anyone on Bivouac would have a contact or other information. My friend doesn't speak Italian and isn't looking to join a commercial tour.


#356 - 2004.10.24 Zoran Vasic - Partners for hiking/scrambling in Italy
Maybe he can try this: Go to and click on members. He will get complete list of all members. He can write down members from Italy and contact them by e-mail. Once I had few questions about Geneva region and I mailed to 20 addresses. I got all 20 responses (on English)! One of them was Canadian working there! They gave me links to local pages and few offered to meet me there. Maybe most of them can't climb/hike with your friend but they will great resource for sure. Zoran

#355 - 2004.10.21 Don Funk - Try posting on a recreational news group
Andrew, your friend may want to try posting your query on one of googles recreational news groups. They seem to be well known around the world and she will likely get a response. (ie someone in Italy with knowledge of hiking clubs there will likely see this) You need to register first and it is free.

This is the backcountry rec site.

And this is the climbing rec site.