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Serratus Closes #1194
Back To Discussion List Written: 2004.10.21 by: Andrew Wong

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"Serratus closes doors
  Author: [ trailpeak ] Mon Oct 18 10:25:36 PDT 2004

In the words of Serratus themselves ... "I regret to inform you that the Serratus factory is closing. Serratus Products will not be available in the future. Therefore a review would not be significant. Thank you for your interest"

Buy them up as they are now collectors items."

This is sad news. I love my Serratus R-60 pack. It's still going strong despite 8 years of heavy use (dayhikes, snowshoes, trail maintenance parties).


#360 - 2004.11.04 Chris Begley - Too bad
I still use as my main pack a Serratus Glacier, bought by my brother 12 years ago. I guess they got squeezed between the high-quality/high price companies like Arc Teryx, and the good and cheap MEC line.

#357 - 2004.10.25 Stewart Douglas - wow
I thought that Serratus was owned by MEC? I guess I was wrong. Anybody know why they are closing? I guess the obvious would be financial reasons, but selling through MEC insures that they must move some product.