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Grizzly bear sightings / Found sunglasses #1179
Back To Discussion List Written: 2004.08.04 by: Don Funk

I met up with a juvenile grizzly (approx 3 years old) on the lower Gun Creek trail on Sunday (Aug 1st/2004) in the southern section of the Chilcotin Mountain range in the Coast Mountains of BC. I was heading up the trail and the bear was approaching, not noticing my presence. I yelled out HEY HEY and clapped my hands. This had the bear scampering away off the trail. The bear seems to be showing a healthy fear of people. I talked to a group of 8 others on mountain bikes and they mentioned it displayed similar behaviour, after they met up with it near the Spruce Lake trail junction. I saw the bear in a treed-meadowed area below the junction.

I also met up with an older grizzly, further up the valley, in sub alpine meadows below Deer Pass, at an elevation of about 2000 meters. This bear was busy foraging for food near the Deer Pass trail when I noticed it only a few meters away. I slowly backed away, giving it space. This bear showed no concern after seeing me and continued about its business searching for food. Eventually it moved off in the direction of meadows above Warner Lake.

On my way down two days later, I found a pair of sunglasses on the trail in the vicinity of the second bear sighting (below Deer Pass). Do these belong to anyone?