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Should a First Ski Descent be Credited if Propelled by a Motor Vehicle?(i.e. Heli-Drop, Snowmobile) #1152
Back To Discussion List Written: 2004.05.09 by: Justin Brown

I've recently read some reports on some first ski descents in the Pemberton and Lilloet areas but having climbed some of the peaks mentioned I have to question the means of the ascent. The way my mind works, I am much more compelled to accept a first ski descent as being legitimate if the person claiming it has achieved the ascent under their own physical propulsion. Otherwise, what's to keep any "Extreme Skier" with a few bucks, some balls, and maybe a sponsorship and some video cameras from storming every covetable peak around? I personally try to avoid areas that are used by helicopters and snowmobiles because I feel that they are noisey and annoying to anyone but the users. It just doesn't feel right supporting this as a registered "first descent" when most of the hard part is being eliminated. Am I alone in this thought?


#297 - 2004.05.16 Drew Brayshaw - North face of Brew
Making it up Brew when the face is in skiiable condition is not a matter of "risking your life". It's actually fairly casual.

#296 - 2004.05.11 Justin Brown - Yes, I guess a descent is a descent.
I suppose I would have to agree with Matt and Steven that a descent is just that, a descent. I do like Steve,s idea though about how the means of ascent should be noted when claiming a first descent. To answer Jordan's question, I could specifically refer to Kevin Aiken's first ski descent of the north face of Mt. Brew near Lilloet. I know personally that summiting this peak can be a big undertaking to make it up there with just your life, let alone a pair of skis strapped to your back! Lets just say that I would be much more impressed if the man made it up there and out on his own two feet(which he may have), rather than being dropped on the summit by helicopter, ski the face and be flown back out in half an hour. Do you know what I mean? The means of ascent should definitely be stated so there is room for self propelled first ascents too.

#295 - 2004.05.10 Jordan Peters
What are the descents in question/where'd ya read 'em?

#294 - 2004.05.10 Steven Harng - I hate to say it...but a descent is a descent is a descent
A descent is still a descent regardless how one got there in the first place. I much prefer to see people go out exploring using minimal amount of mechanical aid, but that's my personal view. Others have equal right to theirs. However, just make a note saying that the first descent or ascent was done with air support. So others can claim their descent or ascent without air support.

#293 - 2004.05.09 Matt Lucas
In my mind a first decsent is strictly that

a descent