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conditions in the southern chilcotin? #1151
Back To Discussion List Written: 2004.05.07 by: Stewart Douglas

Hey everybody, I was just wondering if anyone in the Biv community might know how the conditions might be in the Spruce lake area at the end of May. I was thinking of going backpacking into the area but am unsure whether there might be snow along the gun creek trail and at Spruce lake.

Any info provided would be much appreciated. Heck, I'll still be going no matter what, but it might be nice to know what to expect.

Thanks, Stew.


#292 - 2004.05.09 Mitch Sulkers - Snow is disappearing...
A couple of folks have mentioned that the route to the Cabbage Patch--at the top of the Aspen meadows below Spruce lake--has been pretty well open for the past five weeks. There is apparently some snow in the trees, but the lake is also ice free.

Apparently the trail through to Hummingbird Lake is pretty much snow free as well.