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Thought on Range Boundaries #1131
Back To Discussion List Written: 2004.03.04 by: Drew Brayshaw

Robin has the new article on Range Boundaries here: Range Boundaries

Approached from an abstract perspective it is difficult to quibble with. The only comment I have is that in many cases the geographic boundaries of ranges, particularly smaller ranges, do not follow the same criteria Robin lays out, which are derived from mathematical or statistical relations (prominence and saddle heights). A case in point would be the Cheam Range. Using the prominence criteria would include everything west of Greendrop Lake, including summits to the south of Foley Lake like Mt. Ford and Williams Peak, in with the Cheam Range. This is in contrast to the customary, and historic boundaries of the range which hold Mt. Conway as the eastern outlier. So in cases where the boundaries used in Bivouac differ significantly from customary usage a note should be inserted in the appropriate Range or area record to indicate this, minimizing confusion on the part of new users.