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BC Ministry of Transportation Sea-to-Sky Highway Open House #1124
Back To Discussion List Written: 2004.02.27 by: Andrew Wong

As advertised in the North Shore News, February 25, 2004:

Lions Bay Open House Saturday, February 28, 9am-1pm, Lions Bay Community Hall

The BC Ministry of Transportation invites the Lions Bay Community Advisory Group, residents, and the public to provide input and feedback on draft pre-design options for Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project.

The MoT is undertaking improvements to the highway between Horseshoe Bay and Whistler to improve its safety and reliability. By 2009, extensive highway improvements will make travel along the corridor safer for residents, commuters and tourists. Improvements will include highway widening and straightening, improved sightlines, additional passing lanes and other design innovations and measures to reduce hazards, shorten travel times and increase capacity of the Sea-to-Sky highway.

Improvement options address project goals and community concerns to varying degrees. Each option will be visually presented to the community and stakeholders with summary information about key characteristics such as access, costs, benefits and how each option addresses project goals and community concerns.

Community and Stakeholder input will be recorded and summarized into a Consultation Summary Report for consideration by the MoT and for distribution to consultation participants including the Village of Lions Bay, CAG and other stakeholders.

For further information, contact:

John Cavanagh, Project Director Lions Bay (p) 604.609.3894, (f) 604.609.3881, (e)