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Public Comment Period on Jumbo Glacier Resort Now Open #1123
Back To Discussion List Written: 2004.02.25 by: Sandra McGuinness

Jumbo Glacier Resort is back again to haunt Kootenay dwellers. The current proposal is for four season skiing in prime mountaineering terrain on the Jumbo and Commander Glaciers in the Purcell Mountains. This despite the fact that our local ski resorts are barely able to attract enough skiers to stay afloat. The planned resort will no doubt cost tax payers a fair chunk of change for road building, maintenance, avalanche control etc., etc., etc., and features the usual over-priced real estate, tee-shirt shops and trendy cafes (on the plus side the developer did drop the golf course).

Land and Water BC has now opened a 60 period of public comment. Public input will be accepted until the 13th April. You can view the project itself at has a great form letter.

Please send letters calling for rejection of the application to the usual suspects:

Honourable George Abbott, Minister of Sustainable Resource Management email ""

Mr. Martyn Glassman, Senior Planner, Environmental Assessment Office email ""

Honourable Gordon Campbell, Premier of British Columbia email ""

Wendy McMahon, Member of the Legislative Assembly email ""

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#341 - 2004.09.15 Sandra McGuinness - Decision delayed for 31 days

#340 - 2004.09.13 Sandra McGuinness - Call for telephone calls
Jumbo Creek Conservation Society is requesting as many people as care to call Gordie Campbell, Premier of BC, and say NO to Jumbo Glacier Resort. They would like to get at least 600 calls by September 15th. In BC.......... Dial toll-free 1-800-663-7867. Outside BC.. Dial 1 604-660-2421 Ask for the Office of the Premier. Urge the Premier to reject the Jumbo Glacier Resort proposal on September 17th. ***Please let us know you have made a phone call by emailing us at ***

Here are some talking points to help with your call:

Regarding the environment... "The Jumbo Valley is an internationally significant wildlife corridor and is important grizzly bear habitat. It is irresponsible to allow for a mega-resort development in this region."

Regarding the economy...

"I recognize that destination resort tourism is a cornerstone of B.C.'s growing economy. Instead of destroying the very wilderness that draws tourists to British Columbia, invest provincial dollars in existing resort towns such as Fernie, Golden, Invermere, and Kimberly."

If you are a voter in B.C. ...

"Your government's decision on Jumbo will inform my decision at election time in the spring. I expect the Premier to hear the voice of British Columbians and reject this proposal. At 90% opposition, the democratic process demands it."

#256 - 2004.03.10 Sandra McGuinness - Seven 11,000 foot peaks in the Columbias Could Be Off Limits
Jumbo Glacier Resort Threatens Public Access to Purcell Mountains

A professional biologist working for the project management corporation for Jumbo Glacier Resort, reports that public access to a number of major central Purcell mountain drainages will have to be closed if impacts from the Jumbo Glacier Resort are to be offset. His grizzly bear impact study indicates that several major drainages would require major restrictions to public access. These include Glacier Creek, Horsethief Creek, Toby Creek, Brewer Creek, and Dutch Creek.

The proponent is very clear that there will be impacts to grizzly bears from the development itself. In response to concerns raised earlier in the assessment process, the proponent states "By applying on-site and off-site mitigation measures, the proponent is committed to achieving no-net-impact on the regional Grizzly Bear population." In his key study investigating impacts to grizzly bears in the area, JGR consultant Clayton Apps states, "Given the stated data and assumptions, outputs suggest that impacts of the JGR development 1) cannot be mitigated within the Jumbo drainage itself, but 2) can be mitigated by restricting human impacts elsewhere in the greater analysis area. Through partial or total motorised access closures throughout the analysis area, a "no-net-impact" standard can theoretically be attained."

Local groups are outraged by this possibility. Kim Kratky of the Kootenay Mountaineering Club says "This will have a major impact on the public and small-scale commercial operators in both the West and East Kootenays." According to K.Linda Kivi, coordinator of the West Kootenay Ecosociety, "Areas like Monica Meadows within Glacier Creek are among the premier natural attractions in the Kootenays as represented in recreation guidebooks. The public needs to get out and voice its opposition to this theft of public access."

The Keep Jumbo Wild Rally will take place in Nelson on March 11. It begins at the White Government Building (310 Ward Street) at 4:30pm. The rally is planned to coincide with the Interactive Open House taking place at the Prestige Inn on March 11, 3-9 pm.

A A Cartographic Model-Based Cumulative Effects Assessment of the Proposed Jumbo Glacier Resort Development on Grizzly Bears in the Central Purcell Mountains, British Columbia (p 33)