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Sasquatch Highway #1117
Back To Discussion List Written: 2004.02.10 by: Drew Brayshaw

I learned today that MoTH has dusted off plans for improving the West Side Harrison to Lillooet Lake road system. The long term plan is to improve the "Sasquatch Highway" from current FSR and unmaintained road segments to 2-lane gravel, 2wdable, with no grades over 12%. This may benefit mountaineering access to the Sloquet/Robertson/Stokke area if the project comes to fruition. Something to keep an eye on.

The trigger for the project was supposedly Pemberton/Mt. Currie area's isolation after the October floods. Although with the road under water at Lillooet Lake even an improved highway would not have done much good.


#243 - 2004.02.13 Drew Brayshaw - Not at that stage yet
Its just feasibility studies at this point. They are looking at 2 options, 2-lane paved and 2-lane gravel. I imagine they would probably plow it if they paved it; if gravel, I don't know. One of the reasons for doing this is supposedly to encourage economic development (I heard talk of a hotel and marina at Port Douglas) so if infrastructure goes in they might have to plow to support it.

#242 - 2004.02.13 Scott Nelson - Will it be plowed all winter?
Drew, Any idea if this road might be plowed in the winter if they do the upgrade.