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Mt. Lucania Climbing Route Info? #1104
Back To Discussion List Written: 2004.02.02 by: Don Funk

I'm looking for climbing route info on Mt Lucania in the St Elias Range of the Yukon. I'm aware that the north ridge is rated an Alaska Grade 2 and was first climbed in 1937, which was the first ascent of the mountain. Alaska Grades don't necessarily indicate the level of technical ability required, but is an overall rating of difficulty. I was also wondering if the north ridge route is part of the ridge traverse from the col of Mt Steele or if not, can it be "easily" accessed from this line. There is a 16,200 ft sub peak to the northeast of the summit, which may have to be climbed enroute if the entire ridge is traversed from the Steele col? If anyone has climbed here or knows of any route info, this would be extremely helpful.