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New Website Spamming Bivouac #1082
Back To Discussion List Written: 2003.11.28 by: Doug Brown

Via my bivouac contact email, I received and email from a new Website called "BC Mountaineering" expounding the virtues of their site (especially that it is FREE unlike bivouac).

I think it is in remarkably bad taste to use bivouac to spam its authors with a plug for a competing Web site. I would suggest that this site should be avoided.

In addition to an apparent lack of ethical standards, the site really has very little content and is light-years behind bivouac in terms of capability for member collaboration.


#189 - 2003.11.28 Drew Brayshaw - Self promotion
I note Mike is claiming a "first ascent" on Prussik Peak that is of a route Washington climbers climbed some time ago. Also he made up his own name for routes on Nesakwatch Spire that are different than what the first ascencionist (Shaun Neufeld) told him the names were. There were numerous other factual errors or exaggerations on the site the one time I checked it several months ago. I doubt anything has changed since then.

#188 - 2003.11.28 Paul Kubik - Grudge match
I think Mike Spagnut is behind it. The articles on the bcalpinism site are routes that he has done. Mike worked very, very briefly on Bivouac a few years back. Maybe Robin Tivy can provide some background on what he learned from Mike about viruses on web servers.