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Westside Road (Fraser Canyon) - regularly plowed? #1081
Back To Discussion List Written: 2003.11.27 by: Paul Kubik

Anyone know if the Westside Road (Fraser Canyon) is plowed in winter? Some of us are thinking of checking out the Powder Puff Main and skiing the Nipple. We'd need to be able to drive almost to the Nahatlatch River, north of Boston Bar. Would it be a Highways' or Forests' responsibility? If anyone has info on this or who to contact please post a reply.


#176 - 2003.11.27 Don Funk - Residential areas
There is at least one (if not more) residential areas in the region of the Nahatlatch turnoff (the one I know of is actually beyond the turnoff). I'm sure that someone must be keeping this road clear for these residences.

#175 - 2003.11.27 Drew Brayshaw - Powderpuff
Powder Puff forks off just before the Nahatlatch bridge so you only have to drive a few kms of the west side road. Knowing the area I bet even if it isnt plowed it will be driveable as far as the turnoff. Highways might maintain (plow) it as there are isolated reserves for whom the road is the only land link.