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More Cat Skiing Applications this one in the Rossland Range #1073
Back To Discussion List Written: 2003.11.19 by: Sandra McGuinness

If any Bivouac readers ski or snowboard in the Rossland Range you will be interested and may want to comment on an application for tenure for a cat skiing operation in Rossland Range. The proposed area fronts the highway and includes Plewman Basin, Old Glory Mountain, Mt Kirkup and Mt Lepsoe - basically the entire area that has been traditionally a backcountry ski location. If you wish to comment, the locals would greatly appreciate any help you can offer in forestalling yet another development on BC's public lands


#203 - 2003.12.19 Doug Brown - The application has been withdrawn
See General Article: ExpPg.asp?ExpId=244

#172 - 2003.11.23 Mitch Sulkers - It starts with "S," goes zoooooooooom!!!!!, and smells...
While there rarely is a single reason for abandonment, it appears that the incredible influx of snowmachines in the area has been more than the operators are interested in fooling around with. Our section of the ACC has been in talks with one of the snowcat operators to discover how much common ground we have. It does seem that we have more shared values with snowcat operators than we have with the snowmachine crowd at this point, and the snowmachine lobby is fairly forceful in this area.

This particular operation abandoned an earlier tenure site because they simply could not guarantee that they could actually have skiable terrain at any particular time, most of the slopes having been ripped up by snowmachines.

We are currently exploring the possibility of sharing an area near Cloudburst Mountain, with the understanding that the snowcat operation would groom the approach forestry roads on their way to their motorized access tenure as long as personal snowmachines are excluded.

It has been our experience that the local heli-skiing companies and snowcat operations have been very easy to work with. Normally, a telephone call suggesting that a touring group will be in a particularly accessible area for a weekend will be enough to have the companies move their operation for those days to more remote locations of their tenure. Meetings between machine supported skiers and tourers have been cordial, and we are, after all, looking for much the same experience on the downward portion of our journey anyway.

Also, I get the sense that some of the snowcat operations that have tried this area haven't really got the bread to keep things going for a few years to actually establish a viable operation.

#168 - 2003.11.22 Sandra McGuinness - Abandoning short term leases for cat skiing

Do you know why they have been abandoned after one year? There has been an onslaught of these applications and operations in the west kootenays and I am beginning to wonder if saturation point in the market will ever be reached.

#165 - 2003.11.20 Mitch Sulkers - Fire up your snowmobiles?

Land and Water BC currently shows eight recent applications from parties interested in snowcat operations in BC. Two of these applications have been abandoned and one was not approved. Unfortunately, the reasons for the decisions in two cases were not printed on the LWBC site. The application for our Duffey Lake area by Lillooet Snowcat Skiing Inc. was abandoned because of a conflict with recreational snowmobile use, not because of cabins and backcountry skiing that takes place in these areas.

Perhaps (facetious tone) you need to fire up a few snowmobiles and create historic multiple tracks in your favourite touring areas; then, when the application is abandoned, you can go back to ski touring. On the other hand, the majority of the short-term leases granted for snowcat skiing in our area, thus far, have only lasted for one year and then abandoned.