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A bit of irony: Bivouac determined to be a "subpeak". #1049
Back To Discussion List Written: 2003.10.20 by: Drew Brayshaw

Alas! Bivouac Mountain in the Fannin Range has only 107m of prominence. Robin will have to delete Bivouac, or reclassify it as a subpeak of nearby unnamed point 1510m (I won't call it "Peak 1510" anymore because it isn't at minutes 15-10). Of course point 1510m is itself, only a subpeak of Mt Jukes 1587m.


#124 - 2003.10.22 Drew Brayshaw - Whew!
Fortunately, Bivouac Tower in the Leaning Towers makes a better showing with over 200m of prominence.

There is also a Bivouac in the Yukon. It will be interesting to see how it turns out prominence wise.