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Clarifying how to set Java Map search settings and Prominence Issues #1047
Back To Discussion List Written: 2003.10.20 by: Mitch Sulkers

It seems like the prominence issue is confusing some of the regular bivouac contributors (or is it?) and maybe even irritating a few. Is it possible to get a clearer idea of where this project will be taking the Bivouac site?

  For example, some authors are suggesting that peaks will actually be disappearing (and have disappeared) from the system because they lack a specific form of prominence. In the case of the Fitzsimmons and Spearhead Ranges, we're down to about six peaks total when 200m prominence comes into play, but that doesn't reflect the heavy use or enjoyment this area receives...on the other hand, it does hide some of those sweet almost 2000m vertical ski runs in the range!

  If peaks are getting cut, it seems we should be holding off on more writing about such peaks until all the prominences have been figured rather than waste that effort. Have I got this right, or am I just confused, having missed an important part of the development plan?

  I've noted in your system changes, Robin, that there should be a way for users to reconfigure their Java Maps to adjust prominence. I've just lost my home ranges and was writing another article on the summer Spearhead using some of the info I'd normally get from the Java Map. I'd like to be able to get it back via the map. Am I misunderstanding the system, or is it possible I'm just not seeing the way to adjust for prominence when using the Java Map feature?


#120 - 2003.10.21 Paul Kubik - Java Plug-in and more than one browser on a computer
One more thing that Robin and I found out this morning. If you've got the two most popular browsers on your computer, Netscape and Internet Explorer, the plug-in may be enabled for one of them, both of them or neither. The Java Plug-in must be enabled for the browser you're using for the ZoomMap. If you have both Netscape and IE installed on your computer, I would recommend enabling the Java Plug-in for both of the browsers. To do this or just to check if the plug-in is configured properly, go to the Java Plug-in control panel as per the instructions in the previous bulletin. Click the Browser tab and check on Netscape and Internet Explorer.

#119 - 2003.10.21 Mitch Sulkers - Thanks, guys...
Thanks Drew and Paul. I hadn't tried the adjustments with Zoom Map. I was going over all the Java Map stuff and looking for the solution there. Makes sense now. Funny how one can miss one change in the system and get all balled up. I now have the home ranges back where I can see them...for the moment...until the prominence issues are decided.

#113 - 2003.10.20 Paul Kubik - ZoomMap problems
Drew mentions the ZoomMap crashing every 2nd time. It's my guess it might have crashed because the mapping program is a memory pig. In the user's guide, which is online, I suggested adding some Java runtime parameters that might prevent memory-related crashes.

If you installed the Java plug-in, you can change the Java runtime parameters as follows, in order to bump up memory available to the ZoomMap in the browser.

In Windows,

1) Click Start -> Control Panel -> Java Plug-in to launch the Java Plug-in Control Panel.

2) Click the Advanced tab.

3) In the Java Runtime Parameters box, enter the following -Xms100m -Xmx150m

4) Click Apply.

This makes more main computer memory available to the plug-in. I have 1GB of main memory on my workstation so I actually specify "-Xms256m -Xmx512m" as my runtime parameter. Most older computers will probably have less so the lower figures of 100 and 150 are more suited to machines with less main memory.

The default memory available to the Java plug-in is a much smaller amount and might cause the ZoomMap to freeze up, as Drew may be experiencing.

(There are some technical solutions that I have in mind to mitigate memory-related problems with the ZoomMap, but they will have to wait a bit until I can get some other work off my desk.)

#112 - 2003.10.20 Ray Borbon - I am with Mitch
I would prefer a default of all the peaks in the areas I choose to zoom in on.

It's a bummer because all the necessary documentation is not supplied with the change report that I read and now I cannot see what I am looking for - IE - I did not see how I was to change the settings or where that was.

I am sure to have missed something but I believe it would be best suited or more user friendly for those with less time to read all the instruction changes every day or week if one could set some java map settings from the page of a certain peak or area by prominence as an option. I usually look up an area such as Homathko Icefield for instance and just click on a peak and then the map to look around.

I prefer the previous view :-(

#111 - 2003.10.20 Drew Brayshaw - ZoomMap
The ZoomMap can be adjusted to display a prominence threshold of zero. The only problem is it seems to crash every other time you load it?

Looks like the regular Javamap is locked to 200 so you have to use basemap to calculate lat-longs for the trips and to see all the little bumps etc.

In order to see if your favourite peak has been deleted or not: use the search box to look for it or do a proximity search on its lat-long.