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Oct 122The elusive discount on Canadian oil sands Robin Tivynull
Jul 184Bivouac GMap Issues Robin TivyOther
Jul 183Bivouac Hosting Issues Robin TivyOther
May 020Managing batteries, understanding the data Dean RichardsEquipment
Apr 305Are there more Ticks than 30 years ago? Robin TivyOther
Apr 210Alberta Government to construct 3 new huts in the Castle Wildland Provincial Park. Mike PeelNotices
Apr 093Commuter/Touring Bicycle Strategy Robin TivyEquipment
Apr 080Parks Canada's Backcountry Wilderness Passes Dieter KepperNotices
Feb 191Custom Gpx Files Robin TivyEquipment - GPS
Feb 158Gpx File Blog Robin TivyEquipment - GPS
Feb 027Choosing a Waterproof Ski Pack Robin TivyEquipment
Nov 220Proposal to expand Coquihalla Summit Recreation area John BaldwinEnvironment
Oct 2319Electoral Reform Referendum in BC Robin TivyOther
Jul 210How to plan your summer mountaineering trip Robin TivyAccess
Jun 0610Status Report on DLL Rewrite (GIF Maps, etc) Robin TivyFeatures
May 2102017 Spring Avalanches Cliff JenningsAvalanche
May 055Background Maps For Your GPS Robin TivyEquipment - GPS
May 051Comparison of Garmin GPS versus Smartphone Robin Tivynull
Apr 170Kaskalwush Glacier - Similar events in the Pacific Northwest? Lucas EarlEnvironment
Mar 081Rising risk of ski mountaineering tragedies Steve GrantOther
Mar 071Location of Hanging Lake fatal avalanche Robin TivyAvalanche
Jan 1611Funding of environmental organizations and political parties Robin TivyEnvironment
Dec 062Whistler Museum Speaker Series - Neal Carter Robin TivyNotices
Nov 099Bivouac Trip Difficulty Levels Robin TivyFeatures
Oct 268Washington Road Numbering Systems Robin TivyRoad Question
Oct 192Monster in the Woods - BC Parks alienating supporters Robin TivyEnvironment
Sep 140ORV Decal Infraction Photos Robin TivySnowmobiles
Jul 061Boots coming undone while bushwacking Robin TivyEquipment
Apr 120Usefulness of Touring Kayak Database Robin TivyEquipment
Mar 1911Buying a Smartphone for GPS Dean RichardsEquipment - GPS
Jan 262Experience with Backcountry Navigator on a smartphone Bill LeachEquipment - GPS
Jan 250Jasper National Park backcountry reservations go online on January 28th Rogier GruysNotices
Jan 232GPS Data Transfer Course (at my house) Robin TivyEquipment - GPS
Jan 012Discussion 3 Test User3 PaidAccess
Dec 201Putting maps onto SD card of Backcountry Navigator Robin TivyEquipment - GPS
Nov 051Upper Duncan (Kootenays) to have bridges pulled in 2016 Dean RichardsAccess
Sep 182Putnam books: timeline, editions, differences, etc Dean RichardsOther
Sep 1611Porcupine Wire - Myth or Necessity? Robin TivyEquipment
Sep 101Glacier Rope diameter Dean RichardsEquipment
Sep 091 Government of Alberta planned changes to Castle Area - creation of two new Parks! Mike PeelEnvironment
Aug 210Zoom Map (Java) in Windows 10 Edge browser workaround Paul KubikNotices
Jun 181Photo Name Management Robin TivyFeatures
Jun 040Critical Road Information Gathering Robin Tivynull
Jun 031Road Digitization fixup project Robin TivyFeatures
May 141How to Fix Broken Photo Links in Old Trip Reports Robin TivyFeatures
May 130Mountaineering Compound words - the limits of spelling checkers Robin TivyOther
May 090Sad to hear that Bill Putnam passed away last December 2014. Mike PeelOther
Mar 310Map Comparisons Robin TivyEquipment - GPS
Mar 301GPS Comparison: Backcountry Navigator vs ViewRanger Robin TivyEquipment - GPS
Mar 124Point and Shoot Camera Techniques Robin TivyEquipment
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