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Download all roads in 50 km radius to Google Earth # 1166 Back to Directory   Review Date:2020.02.12
Help Category: GPS - Download to GPS

Summary: Use KMLForm to upload all the roads and trails within 50 km radisu to Google Earth

Overview: You can import data into Google Earth using either KML files or GPX files. There is a link on every mountain page called "KMLForm" to generate these files. You specify what you want in the file, then you open it in Google Earth. For example, you can generate a KML file for all the roads and trails within a 50 km radius of Mount Forbes.

For example:

  Radius: 50 km
  Mountains: no
  Roads: yes

Once you generate the KML file, you can "open" it with Google Earth. As of 2020 I just tested this on my Windows 10 machine and a Macbook Pro. When I generated the KML file, my computer directly allowed me to "open" it with Google earth.

The radius is limited by the amount of data. The limit is 200 roads and 300 peaks. It will tell you if you are over the limit, in which case reduce the radius.

  1. Mount Forbes 50 Km - Roads and trails.
     On my Windows 10 machine I browsed to the Mount Forbes page, then clicked "KML Form". At first I tried 100km radius but it told me that was over the limit of 200 roads. So I reduced the radius. I also turned off the Mountain layer.

  2. Forbes 300 km radius, 1000m Peaks All the peaks that have a prominence over 1000 meters. I turned off roads and trails.
  3. Wedge Mountain - 20 km Roads and Trails
     In this case, I had to reduce the radius because 50 km was too much data.

  4. Smithers 150 km radius
     Roads, trails and campgrounds I used this on my last trip to Smithers. I just put the kml file onto my phone, so when we were approaching Smithers, I had all the campgrounds and information at my fingertips.