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Get Single Latlong from GMap # 1165 Back to Directory   Review Date:2019.12.18
Help Category: GMap

Summary: How to get the lat-long coordinates of a single point

These instructions are written to help people providing local information obtain latitude-longitude coordinates for things. Eg: Tell me the exact location of an old cabin, or a gate on a road. They tell you how to get a single lat-long off GMap. For example, if I wanted to find out the exact lat-long of a cabin from somebody, I'd get them to read these instructions.

 The basic idea is to position the GMap by searching for some nearby feature such as a lake, peak or town. Then move the cursor to the desired feature, zoom in and right click to get the coordinates. Below is a step by step description:


  1. Go to and log onto Bivouac

  2. Use search form
     Search for a nearby mountain or feature. The search function brings up a screen called "Search Results". The search results show all types of data records that contain the "string" you are searching for. For example, a search for "Mount Garibaldi" will bring up many data records that contain the word "Garibaldi" under various headings such as "Mountains", Trip Reports, Features...

  3. Click the entry under "Mountains"
     This takes you to the page titled "Mount Garibaldi". The page titles are always a maroon color at the top of the page. I'm telling you this, so you can confirm you are actually on the Mount Garibaldi page. Many times in phone calls people end up on the wrong page.

  4. Click GMap
     On the above "Mount Garibaldi" page, is a link called "Gmap". Click that link. You will see a white screen for a few seconds, then "Map loading", and finally you'll be looking at a 1:50,000 topo map.

  5. Pan the map
     Pan the map to the approximate location of the desired feature.

  6. Change "Basemaps" if necessary
     So far, you are still on the 1:50,000 map. Usually to precisely describe the location of some feature such as a cabin, you will want to change the background basemap to Satelite View. To change the basemap, use the drop down in the upper right corner, and click on the desired basemap. Eg: "h - Arial Google Hybrid"
  7. Zoom In
     To zoom in on GMap, you can always use the "+" and "-" in the upper left corner of the map. If your mouse has a center wheel, you can zoom in using it. You can tell the zoom level by looking at the scale bar in lower right corner. It starts out at 500m. Usually I zoom in far enough so the scale bar in the lower right corner shows "100m".

  8. Right click on desired point
     Right click on the desired point. A cream colored window pops up with title "Coordinates for point you selected". The one we want is "Decimal Degrees".

  9. Cut and paste the decimal degrees into the email message.