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Get waypoints from Raw Gpx file # 1164 Back to Directory   Review Date:2019.11.22
Help Category: GPS - Upload to Bivouac

Summary: Get waypoints in Bivouac format from raw gpx file

As you may know, Bivouac trip reports have a waypoints field. These instructions tell you how to turn a "raw" gpx file into Bivouac waypoints. Once you have the waypoints you can cut and paste them into a trip report.


  1. Create a trip report

  2. Upload gpx file to Bivouac trip report
     At the top of the trip report page, just below the title is small print that says "Upload Raw Gpx, Kmz, KML". Click the Gpx link, and follow instructions to upload. This copies your raw gpx file onto the bivouac server. A link to it now appears at the top of your trip report.

  3. Display it in Gmap
     Once you have uploaded a raw gpx, a link appears at the top of your trip report that says "View in Gmap". Push that link and a GMap comes up.

  4. Trace your route
     In GMap, note the menu in upper right corner. Click Menu, and then "Draw and Save". Now start clicking points along your route. You may need to slightly adjust their position by dragging each point so it is right on the line.

  5. You can also "right click" on any point, then click "Edit this Point" and put a label into the comment field.

  6. See waypoints in Bivouac format
     To see the waypoints, right click on any one of the red circles. This causes a menu to come up. At the bottom is "Bivouac display waypoint text". Click that. Now you see the waypoints in bivouac format, as shown below:
    50.661815,-115.534526=Start of trail
    50.677047,-115.500881=End of trail

  7. Copy and paste to report
     Normally the waypoints are already selected (show a blue background). Copy them (Ctrl-C) into the "clipboard".

  8. Open Trip report update form and paste the waypoints into your trip report. Now save the trip.