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Download trip report as a PDF to your Android Phone # 1154 Back to Directory   Review Date:2017.05.20
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Summary: How to download a trip report as a PDF to your Android Phone

You can download any page in Bivouac to your phone as a PDF file. For example Trip Reports or mountain pages, or Road pages. Or even a whole guidebook.

These instructions are for a Android device (Samsung Galaxy).

  1. On the phones browser, go to the desired trip report

  2. Push triple dot menu icon in upper right corner

  3. Choose Print
     This brings up a "Save as PDF" screen.

  4. Push Yellow PDF button in upper right corner
     You now see a list with "Mount Harvey PDF"

  5. Push "Save"

To view the PDF file
The PDFs are in the downloads folder. From the main "Apps" screen, tap the downloads Icon. The default is "Sort by date". This displays a list of most recent downloads today (and also gpx files)

  • Tap the icon
     this brings op a panel that has three choices: Drive PDF Viewer, PDF Viewer and Polaris Office 5.

  • Open with "Drive PDF viewer"
     You see the trip report. Hold the phone sideways to enlarge the print.