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Downloading Trip Waypoints from Bivouac # 1153 Back to Directory   Review Date:2016.10.03
Help Category: GPS - Download to GPS

Summary: Download waypoints for someone else's trip report.

These instructions tell you how to download the trip waypoints for someone else's trip report., as opposed to road and trail or mountain waypoints.

You can download the finished waypoints as a .gpx file. This includes both labelled waypoints and the hidden control points. These are the waypoints that the author put into the waypoints field, NOT the raw track log. (On some trip reports there may also be a "raw" track log from a GPS. )

A GPX file is just a text file. Inside the file are various "tags" which contain the data. A .gpx file is just a type of .xml file. If you want to know more, read about "gpx" in Wikipedia.

GPX files can be imported into almost every GPS and Digital map program. I have successfully imported Bivouac GPX files into Google Earth (last done on 2013.10.09). I also upload GPX files regularly into my Garmin GPS units. (Oregon 450T, Montana 650, and Etrex). Most recently, I import these .gpx files into the Backcountry Navigator App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone. See the reference table Standard GPS Operations.

Once you've got the .gpx file loaded into a given device, each device or program displays it differently. Eg: Each one will use a different symbol for mountains. Some will display waypoint labels automatically, but others do not. See How Bivouac GPX Files Are Displayed in Various Programs/Devices.


  1. Go to the trip report
     Go to the trip report page for the trip you want waypoints for. For example "Overland to Golden Hinde"

  2. Find Gpx link
     Scroll down to bottom of the trip report to the waypoints section. Just above the waypoints you should see a link "Download Gpx File"

  3. Click the Gpx Link
     This will put the gpx file into your downloads folder. (Either on your computer, or on your smartphone.

  4. Transfer gpx file to your device
     If you are using a Garmin Gpx, you need to transfer your gpx file to your Garmin. If using a smartphone, you can directly import the gpx.