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Get Trip Waypoints from GMap # 1152 Back to Directory   Review Date:2019.05.20
Help Category: Trip Reports

Summary: GMap Draw and Save instructions that are specific to Trip Reports.

This is the most basic procedure to get waypoints from GMap. You start GMap by clicking a link on any mountain page. This brings up the map, allowing you to your way along your route. When done, you save the points by right clicking on any point and copying the contents into your trip report. Don't do anything fancy until you have gone through the basic cycle. Once you have done the basics, you can then read Advanced Trip Waypoints.

  1. Start up Gmap
     Start up GMap from any mountain page. Just click the GMap link and a map comes up. You can also do the same from your trip report page.

  2. Turn on "Draw and Save" mode
     When you are looking at any GMap, you see a menu link in the upper right corner. Click "Menu" and then "draw and save".

  3. Click the starting point
     Click your mouse on the start of your trip. A red circle should appear, with a black cross in the center.

  4. Click your route
     With your mouse, click,click,click a few more points so you see how it works. You see red circles for each point, joined by lines. So with that, you could describe your route. To adjust points, see GMap Draw and Save. This tells you how to do things like dragging points to new locations, deleting and inserting extra points, and putting comments on points.

  5. Save your points in Bivouac format
     When done, right click on ANY POINT. This pops up a menu. Scroll down to the bottom of that menu. The last choice is "bivouac display waypoints". Click it. This pops up a window with your waypoints in Bivouac format.

  6. Copy and paste them into the waypoints field in your Trip Report