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Find Road Information on Smart Phone # 1150 Back to Directory   Review Date:2016.09.23
Help Category: Search

Summary: Do you know the best way to look up road information on your smartphone?

Although GMap is the best way to find road information when on your computer, if you are trying to look up road information using your smart phone (and are not sure of the exact name), then the best thing is to use the Radius Search. Search for the closest possible mountain, then limit the radius so that you only see the most relevant roads.

GMap does work on smart phones, but it's difficult to use. On my Samsung Galaxy S4 it is difficult to click on the tiny road number icons.

 In this tutorial, we want to find information on the closest road to the north of Mount Matier (which we don't know it's exact name). Assume you are in a wi-fi coffee shop in Pemberton.

  1. Search for Mount Matier
     This brings up the Matier Page.

  2. Click "Radius Search"
     This will bring up a list of things you can search for, including "Roads or Trails"

  3. Click "Roads or Trails" This brings up a list of roads within 10 km of Mount Matier. This list is quite long.

  4. Change the 10 km to 5 km Now you only see 9 roads. I can see right away that "Cerise Main" is the road I want.

  5. Click on "Cerise Main"
     Up comes the Cerise Main page. You can quickly verify you are looking at the right road with the sketch map. The road you are looking at is a purple line.