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Radius Search # 1149 Back to Directory   Review Date:2016.09.23
Help Category: Search

Summary: Do you know how to use radius search?

On every mountain page there is a link called "Radius Search" which allows you to search for all the records within a given radius of that mountain. For example, if you wanted to see all the cabins within 10 km of Mount Garibaldi, you would first look up Mount Garibaldi, and then click radius search. And then click "Cabins".


  1. Search for Mount Garibaldi using the main search box on front page
     This brings up the "search results". In the case of Mount Garibaldi, this is a long list of items. Note that the items are sorted under subheadings such as "Mountains, Trip Reports, Feature Photos and so on. In order to "go to" Mount Garibaldi, you click on the heading under "Mountains".

  2. Click on Mount Garibaldi under "Mountains"
     This brings up the "mountain page" for Mount Garibaldi. Note the link titled "RadiusSearch" just below the title.

  3. Click RadiusSearch
     This brings up various types of records for which you can search:

      Roads or Trails
      Trips and Traverse Routes

  4. Click on "Cabins"
     You now see a list of cabins within a 10 km radius. There are 4 cabins.

  5. Adjust the radius to 50 km