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Translate Track Log to a gpx file # 1148 Back to Directory   Review Date:2016.09.22
Help Category: GPS - Upload to Bivouac

Summary: Do you know how to translate a Track Log into a gpx file?

The internal data format of a GPS track log is not necessarily in .gpx format. To get a track log into .gpx format varies between Garmin GPS units and the smart phone programs.

Smart Phones: With most smart phone programs such as Backcountry Navigator, you must use their "export" function. "Export" means "translate". Translate the track log into .gpx format. The export function causes the .gpx file to be placed into a folder on your phone. For example, with Backcountry Navigator, the folder is called bcnav/out.

Garmin: On a Garmin GPS, you must first "save" the current track log. Once you've done that, no translation step is necessary. Saved Track logs are immediately visible as gpx files as soon as you plug in the gps.

Once you have the .gpx file ready on your GPS, you can then copy it onto your computer.

The reference table Standard GPS Operations describes exporting track logs for various types of GPS and phone.