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Insert Waypoint Working File # 1145 Back to Directory   Review Date:2019.04.15
Help Category: GPS - Upload to Bivouac

Summary: How to insert a waypoint working file.

A "waypoint working file" is just a stripped down trip report, with only a title and a waypoints field. Most common use is to store possible routes you created using GMap "Draw and Save" so others can see it. The basic idea is to mark out the route using "Draw and Save", then cut and paste your waypoints into the Waypoint Working File.

  1. On your Authors Menu, find "Waypoint Working Files"
     Click the link.

  2. Click "Insert link"
     Up comes a form. Fill in a title.

  3. Use GMap Draw and Save to your waypoints on the map. When done, right click on any of the waypoints, and cut and paste the waypoints in bivouac format into your waypoint working file.

  4. Click the "Insert" Button on form
     Now you have a waypoint working file. It should show up in the list of files. If you want others to see it, click

  5. Click on the title of your newly inserted waypoint file. This should bring up the Wpw Page, showing the rough sketch map of the route. Note also the GMap1 link on the Wpw page.

  6. Click GMap1 link on the Waypoint Working file. You should now see a GMap showing your route in purple. Any points with comments should show with small brown rectangles