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Insert Waypoint Working File # 1145 Back to Directory   Review Date:2016.09.20
Help Category: GPS - Upload to Bivouac

Summary: How to insert a waypoint working file.

A "waypoint working file" is just a stripped down trip report, with only a title and a waypoints field. They are used in two ways:

 1. In order to look at a raw .gpx file on GMap
  2. In order to make up a proposed trip route to show somebody else

In the first case, you use the "Upload Raw Gpx" link and then "View Raw Gpx". In the second case, you fill in the waypoints field in the Waypoint Working files record and then look at it with the regular GMap link.

Here's how to insert a waypoint working file for either purpose:

  1. On your Authors Menu, find "Waypoint Working Files"
     Click the link.

  2. Click "Insert link"
     Up comes a form. Fill in a title. Leave the waypoints field blank for now. (unless you are making up a proposed route)

  3. Click the "Insert" Button on form
     Now you have a waypoint working file.

  4. Click on the title of your newly inserted waypoint file
     Up comes the Waypoint Working file page. Notice that beside the title is a link "Upload Raw Gpx". See Upload Raw Gpx