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Get Bivouac waypoints from Gpx file # 1144 Back to Directory   Review Date:2018.02.27
Help Category: GPS - Upload to Bivouac

Summary: Get Bivouac waypoints from a gpx file already on your computer

A gpx file can contain a "track log" but you can't just paste it into the Bivouac "waypoints" field because it is a different format than Bivouac waypoints. So it has to be translated somehow. We have a track parsing program that does this but it can have problems for large gpx files. See GpxTrackParser.asp. So nowdays, the recommended method is to upload the "raw gpx" into a trip report or into the Raw Gpx Database, then display the raw gpx on GMap, and trace the line with GMap "Draw And Save". This allows you to label key points as you go along. It also ensures people don't upload gpx files with hundreds or thousands of unnecessary points. It also avoids problems we used to have with the parsing program.


  1. Create a minimal trip report
     You first must insert a minimal trip report record so you can see a link called "Upload Raw Gpx".

  2. Click Upload raw Gpx
     Click the link and follow instructions. When the file is uploaded, a new link titled "View Raw Gpx" will appear

  3. Click "View Raw Gpx"
     (Note: "View Raw Gpx" is a different link than the standard GMap link!!) The regular GMap link will not display the raw Gpx file. But when you click on "View Raw Gpx" you should now see a GMap with your track on it.

  4. Click "Draw and Save" in GMap
     In the upper right corner of every GMap there is a drop down titled "Menu". Click that and choose "Draw and Save".

  5. Click a starting point
     Click a starting point near the start of your trip. This should make a black circle with a red crosshair in the center. You can then click and drag the circle to exactly where you want it.

  6. other points
     You can add comments to any point by right clicking.

  7. Right click to save as bivouac waypoints
     When you are done your whole line, right click on ANY of those points you created. You will see a menu and the bottom choice is "Bivouac Display Waypoint Text". Click that, and you see the waypoints in bivouac format.

  8. Paste the waypoints into your Bivouac Waypoints field