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Upload Raw Gpx Back to Directory
Last Review: 2016.09.16
Help Category: GPS - Upload to Bivouac

Summary: Upload a Gpx track log to Waypoint Working File

You have a Gpx file on your computer, and you want to get it into a Bivouac report. This involves loading it into either a trip report or waypoint working file, then tracing it to get the waypoints in bivouac format).

There are two places where you can upload a raw gpx to Bivouac:

  1. on any Trip Report page
  2. On any Waypoint Working File

In both cases, once you have uploaded the .gpx, a link appears which says "View Raw Gpx". Click that link, and you see your line superimposed on the GMap topo map. You can then use the GMap "Draw and Save" function to trace the line to get Bivouac waypoints. See GMap Draw and Save

Roads: Note that the road record has no link to "Upload Raw Gpx". Instead, you use a Waypoint working file. Once you see your track log in GMap, you trace the points using "Draw and Save" and then paste them into the road record.


  1. Upload your Gpx file to your computer
     Obviously in order to display a gpx file in GMap, you first of all need to load it off your GPS or smart phone onto your computer. These GPS Upload instructions are elsewhere, such as Upload from a Smart Phone.

  2. Go to Authors menu
     You can always get to your authors menu by clicking on your email address, which always appears as a green link when you are logged in. So start by going to the Bivouac home page and clicking on your email address. This brings up a screen titled "Member Settings". Click on Author's menu.

  3. Click on "Trip reports" (Or Waypoint Working Files). This shows a list of all your trip reports, (Or all your Waypoint Working Files). At the top of the list is an "Insert" link.

  4. Insert a Waypoint Working File
     Click the "Insert" link described above. This brings up a form. Fill in a title for this Waypoint file. Then click the Insert button on the form. This will insert your Waypoint Working File, and return you to the list. You will now see the title of your newly created Waypoint file.

  5. Click on the title
     In the list, click on the title of your newly created waypoint file. This brings up the display page for your newly created record.(The URL is something like WpwPg.asp?WpwId=..

  6. Find the link "Upload Raw Gpx".
     While looking at your Waypoint working file (or trip report), click on the small brown link beside the title labelled "Upload Raw Gpx". It is right beside the title.

  7. Click "Upload Raw Gpx"
     Clicking the link brings up a page titled "Form to Upload Raw Gpx". It has a "Browse" button. Browse to the folder of the gpx file on your computer. We assume you have already copied the gpx file from your GPS to your computer.

  8. Now find "View Raw Gpx" link
     Once you have uploaded the raw file, a second link appears, titled "View Raw Gpx". Click that link. This brings up a GMap, and you see your track log.

  9. Trace your track log
     If you want to turn your track log into a set of Bivouac waypoints, you need to trace the raw track log using Gmap. See
     GMap Draw and Save

  10. Paste Bivouac waypoints into your trip report. (Or into the Waypoints field of the Waypoint working file.