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Update Trip Report # 1141 Back to Directory   Review Date:2016.07.09
Help Category: Trip Reports

Summary: How to edit a report that has already been inserted.

These are instructions how to update a trip report. These instructions are useful when you or the administrator has already put in a sample trip report for you. Or in some cases, I have gotten you started on a trip report from information you've sent me, and now I want you to complete it.

  1. Login to Bivouac
     Logging in will return you to the home page of Bivouac. When you are logged in, you always see your email address at the top of the screen, in green.

  2. Click on your email address
     This takes you to a "member settings" screen. One of the items on that screen is "Authors Menu".

  3. Click "Authors Menu"
     Now you see a list of things you can edit, such as Feature Photos and "trip reports".

  4. Click "Trip Reports"
     Now you see a list which contains all your trip reports, including the one I have inserted for you. Note that every trip has a small brown "Upd" link beside it's title. This is the update link.

  5. Click the update link.
     Now you are looking at a form that contains all the fields in your trip report.

  6. Fill in a field or two and click "Update"
     This is just to get the feel for how to do a complete update cycle. Once you've gone thru the cycle once, you can continue to update by repeating the above 2 steps.

  7. Edit the rest of the fields
     Usually I have already filled in some of the fields including some waypoints for you. To get more waypoints, use GMap. (Look up separate instructions).