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Subscribe to an article # 1140 Back to Directory   Review Date:2015.10.15
Help Category: Other

Summary: How to subscribe, unsubscribe or see list of subscribers.

Whenever someone posts a comment to an article, the comment shows up in What's New. However, in case you don't regularily scan "What's new" every week, you can now "subscribe" to the article. Subscribe means you'll get an email every time someone comments on that article. You can subscribe to all three types of article: Discussions, Reference articles and Equipment reviews.

At the top of every article page is a link labelled "Subscribe". If you are already a subscriber, you will see a link titled "Unsubscribe". There is also a link showing the list of subscribers. To add yourself to the subscription list, click "Subscribe". Once you click that link, you will only see an "Unsubscribe" link.

When you insert an article, you automatically become a subscriber. Similarly, if you post a comment the system automatically makes you a subscriber.