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Upload from a Garmin # 1138 Back to Directory   Review Date:2015.10.08
Help Category: GPS - Upload to Bivouac

Summary: Upload a track log from a Garmin and translate to Bivouac waypoints format.

(Upload a track log from Garmin GPS to a Bivouac Trip report) The general idea is to plug in the GPS, then go to the trip report and "upload raw Gpx". The upload raw gpx link does the whole thing in one step. Otherwise, you would move the .gpx file onto your computer, and run the bivouac utility to parse Gpx files into bivouac waypoints format. See also Standard GPS Operations under Export Gpx File.

  1. Save the track log
     On the GPS, make sure you have saved your track log. It's not automatic like on a phone app.

  2. Connect the GPS
     Connect the GPS with the USB cable. Once you connect the GPS

  3. Click "Upload Raw Gpx"
     Go to the trip report. Click "Upload raw gpx". This will allow you to browse to the .gpx file. When it is uploaded, you can see it on GMap.

  4. Trace the track using GMap
     To get your track log into Bivouac waypoints, you need to trace it. See GMap Draw and Save