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Download to Smartphone GPS # 1137 Back to Directory   Review Date:2016.07.20
Help Category: GPS - Download to GPS

Summary: Download a set roads, trails and peaks to your smartphone based GPS program. Eg: Backcountry Navigator

Prerequisites: An Introduction to GPS Data transfer.


  1. Browse to Bivouac on your phone
     Using the browser on your phone, go to

  2. Find Gpx20 download link
     There is now a link on the mountain page that will download everything within a 20 km radius. The .gpx file will contain all roads, trails and peaks. Go to a mountain page. You should see a link called "GPX20" near the TOP of that page. (If you don't see it, make sure you have the "GPXLinks" option turned on).

    Trips: Trip reports are downloaded from the Trip page. The link is at the BOTTOM of the page, next to the waypoints title. See also Downloading Trip Waypoints from Bivouac.

  3. Click "Gpx20" link (or KML20 link)
     This will immediately put a gpx or KML file into your "downloads" folder on your phone. The file will contain all roads, trails and peaks.

  4. Import the gpx file
     Start up your GPS App and import the gpx or KML file. All the tracks are also visible in the "track manager" of your GPS App. Your Track Manager will probably automatically know to default to the Downloads" folder, such that you immediately see one or more .gpx files. (On my phone there are several dozen .gpx files to pick from, that I have downloaded in the past.

  5. KML Files
     Also, both Backcountry Navigator and Gaia support KML files. The tracks should immediately be visible on your map (in full color with the KML file). . See Standard GPS Operations under "Import Gpx file".