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Options # 1135 Back to Directory   Review Date:2016.08.09
Help Category: General Website

Summary: How to change which links show up on the home page or mountain pages.

The system allows you to customize certain pages by means of "options". (Numerous display fields are normally turned off by default, but you can turn them on or off.) You can find a link to the options manager in the index, or on every mountain page. It shows list of options. For example, if you want your mountain pages to show "Height Sources" then turn on the option called "Height Sources".

The links to certain advanced functions such as the JavaMaps are hidden by default. You can turn them back "On" by clicking the "Advanced" link on the mountain page. The idea is to simplify the main pages for most users.

When you click "Advanced", you see which options are turned "On" and "Off". If you specifically turned something "On" it will show as green. If it is "Off" it will be red. If you haven't specified, the default setting will be in gray.

To turn an option "On", click the "Turn On" link. The page will immediately change. When you are done adjusting your options, click the "Back" link at the top of the page. This takes you back to the page you came from, and you can see the results.

Some options such as JavaMap affect multiple pages.