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Download to Garmin GPS # 1133 Back to Directory   Review Date:2015.10.05
Help Category: GPS - Download to GPS

Summary: Download a road, trail or trip to your GPS

Prerequisites: An Introduction to GPS Data transfer. These instructions are also duplicated in the reference table Standard GPS Operations under "Import Gpx File" and Garmin Oregon.

Downloading to a Garmin GPS is one of the sections introduced in the above document. In Bivouac, there are several types of gpx file. Some contain only a single track log, others contain multiple tracks and waypoints. But for all files, the basic method is to click the .gpx link in Bivouac, then plug in your Garmin GPS and move the file into the Garmin/gpx folder. Here are step by step instructions:

  1. Browse to Bivouac website on your computer to desired page. Eg: Mount Garibaldi Page or some trip report page.

  2. Find Gpx download link
     Mtn Page: There is now a link on the mountain page that will download a combined .gpx file, with both roads and peaks. Go to a mountain page. You should see a link called "GPX20" near the TOP of that page. (If you don't see it, make sure you have the "GPXLinks" option turned on).

     Trip Page: Trip reports are downloaded from the Trip page. The link is at the BOTTOM of the page, next to the waypoints title. See also instructions Downloading Trip Waypoints from Bivouac.

  3. Click the Gpx link
     The gpx file will end up in your downloads folder on your computer. Gpx20 will contain all roads, trails and peaks.

  4. Plug in your GPS.
     Connect your GPS to your computer with a USB cable. Put the GPS into "mass storage" mode. You will now see the Garmin device as a drive on your computer.

  5. Copy file to Garmin/Gpx
     On your computer, start up your file manager. In your file manager you will be able to see your download folder, and also the /Garmin/Gpx folder. Copy the file from the "Downloads" folder on your computer into E:/Garmin/gpx. (E: is the "drive letter" that represents the GPS on my computer, it may be different on yours). This is how you "import" a file into a Garmin GPS.

  6. Unplug the GPS

  7. Make tracks appear on your GPS map
     By default, uploaded tracks do not show up on your Garmin map. You need to turn them on, one by one.